How to Connect Emotionally with Someone

Everyone needs a person with whom they can connect emotionally. The person with whom they can share their feelings, thoughts, ups, and downs without being judged.

They need someone who can understand them, a person on whom they can trust blindly. It is not easy to find or be that person to someone. You may have lots of friends with whom you drink, laugh, fight. But there are only a few of them with whom you can cry. It is just because that you are connected with those friends emotionally too. If you’re not emotionally connected with others then though you’re in the crowd you still feel alone. But if you’re with someone who is emotionally connected with you then you don’t even care about others.

Connect Emotionally with Someone

So here are some ways which will surely help you to connect emotionally with someone…

Connect Emotionally with Someone

1. Be a good listener

If you want to emotionally connect with someone, then you must be a good listener. You should pay all your attention when they are telling something. Notice their way of speaking. This will help you to know that how they are feeling just by having a short conversation with them.

2. Share your problems

If you want that someone shares all his/her problems with you, then you first start sharing your problems with them. Let them know that you trust them and you’re concerned about them too.

3. Tell your secrets

There is no secrets between real friends. Telling your secrets to someone shows that what they mean to you. This helps to build their trust on you.

4. Talk by heart

It doesn’t matter how much you people talk to each other. The important thing is whether you use your mind or heart while talking. If you’re talking by heart then you don’t need to tell everything, your smile, expressions, and gestures will tell everything itself. You know what, if you’re talking by heart then there is a sparklies in your conversation.

5. Don’t be judgmental

Nobody wants to be judged. Don’t give them too many suggestions. If you do, then they will think you don’t trust them. Accept their weakness and negative points as well. Be them themselves and realize them that you are with them in every situation. Make them realize that they are not alone.

6. Be real

Don’t do formalities with them. Don’t be artificial or the person they want. Be real. Be what you are. This will help you to know that who is there for you. Every person can sense that who is being formal with them and who cares.

7. Express your feelings

Express your true feelings to them. Let them know how much you think about them. Tell them what you feel. Sharing your feelings with someone helps the most to make an emotional connection. Show them that you care.

8. Accept your mistakes

This is the key to be real. Accept your mistakes rather than blaming others for that. Have the courage to apologize. It makes you emotionally strong. Nobody wants to be with that person who blames others.

9. Make an eye contact

Always try to make eye contact while talking. It shows how attentive you are. Watching here and there instead of making an eye contact means that you are not interested in talking with them.

People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel. Make them feel that they are not alone; you’re always there to listen to their serious, stupid things, handle their mood swings, and to cry with. Make them feel alive. Tell them that it is not hard to be happy.

These all things help you to build an emotional connection with someone.

A small conversation with a person with whom you are connected emotionally has the power to eradicate your whole day exhaustion. You people don’t need to tell each other that how you feel about the other one. There is a mutual understanding between you. You can listen to their silence too.

So try to build an emotional connection with someone rather than giving more importance to physical intimacy. There is no bond or connection that is unbreakable except emotional connection because in the emotional connection you trust each other the most instead of trusting others.