Why Do Women Hate Men Who Cheat?

It is said that women hate men. And then this argument is used to tackle all or any debate on feminism. But has anyone tried to uncover the reasons behind it? We are not talking about misandry but the things which make any woman think that is that how the other sex works? Curiosity is replaced with hatred, and that’s when misconception comes in.

This article is anyone who is wondering Why Do Women Hate Men. What are the quirks which drive them away? as it needs to be addressed for better adjustment because, in nature, humans exist in pair. If we have to cooperate and co-depend then giving this article a read would not hurt.

Why Do Women Hate Men

We have done our research and made a little list which has all these pointers covered. So without any further ado, let us get on with it.

Why Do Women Hate Men

  1. When they come up with statements like “oh c’mon you are a feminist too?” ah, excuse me? Are you really asking us that question? As soon as a guy says this, we can guarantee you that, any lady around him would either cringe or lose all contacts.
  2. Blaming everything on PMS. Even when we have a legitimate reason to get angry, we are thrown with questions like, “is it that time of the month?” No, it is not, but it sure is the time when you are ignorant enough to ask this question.
  3. Leaving wet towel on the bed. Okay, this one depends on the person and not their sex yet many men do this on a daily basis. After bathing, it is not advisable to leave the wet towel on the perfectly made bed, as it will dampen it. And that is really uncomfortable, have you tried sleeping on a bed which fits the description? Not the best experience I’d say.
  4. Treating any feminine thing as gay when a man tries it. Why? No woman likes a man who is insecure about his masculinity that he projects on other men. So what if you wear a pink shirt, it is not a big deal anyway.
  5. Men who don’t respect women. Of course, this only applies to those who treat the female gender as the inferior sex.
  6. Women hate men who only pretend that they are chivalrous. Who can like the people who are very respectful to one’s face and as soon as they leave, they spare no moment to objectify them? [Also Read: How To Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating or Having an Affair]
  7. Men who lack vision. Who likes it when somebody is spending days after days without any clue or care for the future. women are driven to men who have aspirations and ambitions.
  8. When men are threatened by a woman’s career. Gone are the days when it was considered a taboo when a woman earned more than her husband/boyfriend. Today our society is more progressive, so when a person follows such an outdated ideology, it not only makes the womankind angry but develops a sense of hopelessness as well. not everything should be associated with one’s masculinity.
  9. Men who body shame. It is one thing to tell a woman about her extra weight and another to make fun of it. There are different kinds of bodies. Nobody has the right to jeer at her curves or thighs. Every individual is beautiful the way they are. Some are skinny, and some are curvy. There is no need to make her feel insecure about it. And since we are on this topic, it would be wise to mention that there are many body types other skinny or curvy. It is for all those girls who get called “hanger” or “matchstick” as well. Any kind of body shaming is wrong.

Not all men are like this. There are some out there who are very gentle, chivalrous and respectful. And if you find a person who adores his women and treats them well as any human should be, then don’t lose them. Cherish them.

This article is not to bash men but to voice where they go wrong. Both the genders are equally important. And people need to kniw this.