Autophobia or Fear of Being Alone

Autophobia or the fear of being alone is clutching many people in its claws every day. People from every age cohort re facing this fear. Why do you think this fear of existing? It is because, in our society is enraptured by a social, emotional vacuum. We may be connected over social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, or, twitter. But there is emotional isolation prevailing everywhere. It is also due to the fact that people are decreasingly aware of self-awareness. They seldom look into themselves and try to dwell on the notions that their “self” is trying to teach. This article is mainly focusing on fear of being forgotten. Everyone goes through once in a while, even I did and still do, but there is nothing to worry about. After reading this, you will get your answers on the following

  • phobia of being rejected
  • scared of being alone after a breakup
  • fear of being single
  • fear of being alone forever

These are some of the most common types of feelings which arise when a person goes through some tragedy, like a breakup, death of someone close or separation. But you can be helped. Always remember that no matter what the situation is, there sustains a solution.


Let us start by discussing the fundamental definition of loneliness. It is an emotional state in which a person experiences a powerful and wrenching feeling of emptiness and isolation within him. It is more than the feeling of wanting someone’s company or wanting to do something with another person even for a moment. Loneliness is a feeling more on the terms of being cut off, disconnected, alienated from other individuals in the vicinity. And that is why people who are experiencing this end up feeling empty or taxed.

Fear of Being Alone – Autophobia

But there are ways to overcome the fear of being forgotten. You just have to focus on the good rather than the vacant in this context. This has been portrayed in the following points.

  • Stop criticising yourself- yes, you made a mistake which led to consequences and then to certain actions which were not in your favour. But for how long will you blame yourself for this. It is called mistake for a reason. To err is human. Accept your mistake, take responsibility, make amends but don’t beat yourself up for this. Self-blaming leads to self-loathing which is in direct link with self-esteem issues and depression. Once you slip off this, it will be a downhill spiral. Be kind to yourself, think positive thoughts which will lead to positive emotions thus decrease the feeling of loneliness.
  • Invest in something good- My mantra in overcoming the fear of being alone was to get a job. I started working day and night. From college to investing my time in four start-ups, I had no time to shed for negative thoughts like this. It is not escaping but realising your worth. After you start focusing on something productive and receive outcomes in your favor, you understand your worth, and you gain confidence. Thus you feel adept. There is no longer need to depend on anyone for attention, love or care. Your productivity becomes your friend.

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  • Don’t garner emotions like envy, jealousy or biased pessimistic belief- Being a psychology student, I can say it for a fact that when people feel into the cycle of negative emotions, they tend to develop a bias for pessimism. They firmly believe that everything will turn on badly or fail in their lives. This is one of the major root cause in developing the fear of being forgotten. One argument, one mistake and they reach to the extremity thinking that person will leave them. Other than this, don’t envy or be jealous of the people around you, for the things that they have. Things unfurl when they are meant to, just be patient and be happy for them.
  • Change your lifestyle and thinking: the way you live and think about your reality says a lot. People who feel lonely tend to stay up all night to till very late. They watch too much of TV or obsessively active on social media networking just to replace that void. But this backfires. All these factors make you more susceptible to being vulnerable and exposed to loneliness.

Wake up early, bask in some vitamin D, as it gives you all the energy to function throughout the day. Join yoga or dance classes, by doing so; you are moving your body. Dancing to a rhythm, thus doing what your heart delights in. Exercising is therapeutic to mind and body. And while doing so, you even meet new people. Your circle grows.

  • Try meeting new people: Loneliness emerges when we start liking it. Our brain accepts the fact that loneliness can be blissful as well. Refrain from that. Even if you don’t feel like leaving your bed, do it. Force a smile, slap on a clean shirt and go out. Go to book readings, take yourself to dinner, treat yourself. All of this will trick your brain into believing that you are indeed not alone and happy. And that is all there is to be done. One positive emotion and your neurons will mirror it to another existing neuron. In short, treat yourself.
  • Confide in your friends: you may shy away or think that your friends don’t care and it is better not to bother them, but you will be shocked by the support you will get just by sharing and venting till your heart’s content. This will lighten the pressure on you and give you the feeling that you have somebody to rely on during crisis like these.
  • Play with puppies: Puppy therapy or playing animals is a good way to nullify your fear of being alone. Animals are loving in nature if you go to them with love. Play with your dog or cat, observe that they have no one but you and they bind their whole world around you. Isn’t that lovingly good? In this ride of life where you think that you are alone or suffer through the fear of being abandoned, you have one loyal companion always shaking its tail even when you just glance a smile.
  • Seek professional if needed: Today is the time where all the stereotypes and taboos are being broken. Mental illness is no longer a subject looked down upon. So reach out, call a professional psychologist, ask for their guidance. They are abler and adept in resolving your consistent fear of fear of being alone at night or anytime for that matter. Remember that this situation can be helped. You don’t have to live like this with Autophobia.

Don’t feel alone because you aren’t. Reach out there are millions of people who are willing to talk to you. Fear of being alone is temporary; you can overcome it. Just have patience and concentrate on breathing. Breathe in and breathe out. And please don’t google “fear of being alone quotes” it will only make you miserable.

I hope this article has proven worthy during Autophobia or time like that. Till then, hang in there and fight harder. We are here.