How to Be Single After a Long Relationship

How to Be Single After a Long Relationship: Being single after getting out of a long-term relationship may be very difficult. You not only get used to that person you loved but also all of the feeling of basically “being in a relationship” and its various nuances. You might think that relationships  are only one aspect of your life but the truth is that getting in or out of a relationship , especially long term, requires an entire change of lifestyle.

How to Be Single After a Long Relationship

You have to find ways and means to fill the void created by the loss of the one with whom you nurtured your relationship for so long. But single life has its own perks. You should just know how to embrace your singlehood and get the best out of your new life.


How to Be Single After a Long Relationship

How to Be Single After a Long Relationship

Advice for Newly Single: Since you are single now, you can take your own sweet time to adjust to things. It doesn’t matter how long you take to get over the past. There are no limits or boundaries or time periods.It’s perfectly normal to grieve over a breakup or even miss your ex. Cry your heart out. Don’t keep anything within yourself. You can decide when you finally fell better to break out of the bubble and enjoy your newly single life.


One of the biggest reasons behind breakups is mostly “unhappiness” or dissatisfaction with the relationship. Now that you are single, you can focus on making yourself happy. Make “yourself” your priority. Do things that you enjoy. Do all the plans you have been keeping in your head, putting off to later. Since you have no one else to please, you can put all the effort in making yourself feel better, and obviously, nobody know you better than yourself. This is a great hack in reverting to single life after a long term relationship.


After a long-term relationship, you might feel you may never get over him. The feelings of pain and void will be there. Obviously, it is difficult to bear the loss of someone so endeared to you for this many years, but gradually you will come to the realization that a huge portion of the grief is due to the loss of the normal routine in your life. You texted every morning, talked to each other when you reached work, had lunch together and slept to each other; voices, It will obviously be very difficult to adjust to a completely new routine when you are so accustomed to having someone right by your side. You are totally allowed to be sad but not forever.

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How to Be Ok Being Single: One of the biggest landmarks on the journey to singledom after a long term relationship is to get over the guilt. Stop blaming yourself for the breakup. You are not wholly responsible for whatever happened between you too. Just as the working of a relationship requires two people, similarly the breaking up of a relationship requires two people. Stop imagining all those scenarios in your head where you could have reacted differently and perhaps salvaged the relationship. Relationships are a two-way street. You have to realize that you broke up because either of you was not right for the other and hence you made a smart move by letting it all go.  This acceptance will help you a great deal in getting over your past relationship as well as your entire history.


One of the most difficult steps on the road to recovery from a long-term relationship is getting rid of the past completely. Do away with all the little gifts you exchanged during courtship. Everything that reminds you of him.  If you do not want to throw them away, at least put them in a box and place it somewhere out of sight. Stop going through your old photographs together. Block him on social media to stop yourself from stalking him or spending your entire day seeing how he spent his. You cannot skip this step in trying to move on from a past long term relationship.


How to Move on After a Long Relationship: You have already made the biggest change in your life. Getting out of a long term relationship is not an easy thing to do. This is perhaps the biggest change that you have made in a long long time. So when you are at it, gear yourself up to make some other changes too. Go get a new haircut or dye it some pop color that you have been wanting to do. “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”- Coco Chanel. Go flatter and spoil yourself. But yourself a whole new wardrobe, rearrange your furniture, take time out to practice some hobby. Go attend that art or dance or yoga class that you have been putting off. Plan a vacation with your best friends. This will not only help you move on but also help you to distract yourself from the constant pangs of a breakup.

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You have to understand over why you broke up. Make yourself realize that there was no other way out and you need to stop taxing your body and, mind over the past. Realize that you are a strong, independent individual who can make tough decisions in times of strain. Regretting over what bygone is a useless waste of energy. Start maintaining a journal to vent out your feelings on paper. Spend time with yourself. How to Be Single After a Long Relationship for Guys – Get to know all that you had been missing on the life all these years. After so long, begin falling in love with yourself.


Dating after ending a long term relationship might seem like a taboo to many. Some do not know what is the appropriate mourning periods after which you are allowed to move on. To be honest, there is no such time period. If you are feeling yourself, you can start dating the next day or if you want to let it our, you can wait 3 months. Dating After a Long Relationship: Just make sure you d not let the breakup take away all your energy and other commitments in life. some others are afraid of another breakup. You need to realize that everything involves a pint of risk.

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You cannot expect to gain something until you are willing to take risks for it. You broke up because the past relationship was not perfect for you so now you have to take time out to go find your perfect happy ending. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. No two people are alike. For all you know, you have only become better at understanding relationships and people both. Follow this guide on How to Be Ok Being Single, Advice for Newly Single, Reasons Why Guys Are Single and How to Be Single After a Divorce.