How to Forget Someone After Break Up – 7 Rules

Whether it’s been your first heartbreak or your fifth, getting over someone is one of the most underrated pains one has to go through. While it is literally impossible to learn how to forget someone like they never existed, but you can definitely move on from that feeling and continue to live your life peacefully without them. While that feeling is definitely difficult to move on from, it is not impossible.

7 Key Rules on How to Forget Someone and Move on

Yes, you can do it. All you need is a little patience and a little strength and you are good to go! Read on these 7 rules to help ease the process of how to forget someone.

Rule #1 Let Your Emotions Flow

The key rule on how to forget someone is to not bottle up your emotions inside you. LET THEM OUT. Cry, if you want to. Scream, if you want to. Bawl your eyes out. Drench that pillow. The thing about how to forget someone is that you have to first accept your pain and hurt and only then you will be able to move on. Things get easier if you accept the time required for the process and don’t rush into the situation and go easy on your emotions by allowing them to be free-flowing.

Rule #2 Do Not Keep In Touch

Keeping in touch will mean you being constantly reminded of your past, that you are trying to move on from. You are here googling about how to forget someone and if you are still in touch with them, that completely defeats the purpose. Even if you decide to remain friends with them, you cannot possibly resume being friends with them right at the moment you decide to forget them. If you want to forget someone, create distance between the two of you and sever all ties with them, preferably for a very long time. Only when you create distance, can you move on from that person, only then can you accomplish the task of how to forget someone. This includes no texts, no emails, no calls and no meeting. Block them, if you have to.

how to forget someone

Rule #3 Keep Yourself Busy

It is only natural that you find your mind wandering towards the person you are trying to forget, and it’s only natural to do so. But you have to draw a line at a point and not be carried off in their thoughts. And the best way to do so is by keeping yourself busy. Do the things you were supposed to since days, run errands, de-clutter your closet by getting rid of old clothes, clean up your room. Trust me, cleaning up physically makes you feel a lot better by cleaning up your mind too and it keeps you busy too. You will realize that you are stepping closer to forgetting the person.

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Rule #4 Fall back on your Support System

This could be one of the most important steps you need to follow to get over someone after a breakup. Friends help a great deal in lending a shoulder to cry on, in order to forget someone you had once loved. You can also talk to your family members regarding the same. Hanging out with your friends works as a great mood-buster, eventually helping you feel good about yourself and thus helping you move on from that person’s memories.

Rule #5 Take up an Outdoor Activity

If anything, spending time outdoors has proven to magically lift your spirits. There are various activities you can take up outdoor like going for a swim, hiking, mountaineering, or simply going out for a walk in the nearby park. Go for a run and let your heart run wild and free and you will gain confidence as your endorphin levels will shoot up and you will be left feeling positive and happy. Taking up a new outdoor activity will not only help you forget the person but you will also end up learning a new adventure sport.

Rule #6 Love Yourself all over again

When we are trying to forget someone we loved, it is easy to fall into the trap of shouldering all the blame and hence thinking that we are unworthy of being loved, which is far from the truth. It is important to love yourself and to achieve this you can take small steps like making a list of things you love about yourself, smiling into the mirror, etc. These baby steps will help you realize that perhaps things were just not meant to be.

Rule #7 Be accepting of the whole process

The most important and basic thing which I had mentioned at the beginning of the process of how to forget someone is that it is essential to have patience. You were once deeply in love with that person and you cannot expect yourself to forget the person in the click of fingers. It is important to be accepting of the fact that the entire process of forgetting someone you loved is going to take time and will happen gradually. Sometimes, the feelings will come back and that’s okay. Time will heal the wounds and the thoughts will gradually fade out.

The overall process of getting over someone after a breakup is a difficult one but we hope that with a little patience and lot of self-love, you come out victorious! Also, remember that while it is okay to forget the person and the pain, but try to remember the learnings you took from the relationship. If things don’t seem better eventually, you can approach a therapist for help. Lastly, remember to live your life and move on from the things that hold you back.